A New Clare County, Mich Bumper Sticker

Bumper sticker

How can I bring more money, jobs and people into Clare County, Michigan? That’s a question I’ve wrestled with for several years since I–quite unsuccessfully–tried to make money, find a job and meet people in Clare County.

It’s a question I am still wrestling with.

I’d very much like to live in Clare County. I’d very much like to start a business that could employ folks in Clare County. I’d very much like to see Clare County grow and prosper.

But so far, the answer (or answers) have eluded me. Except…

I’ve come up with a bumper sticker that plays off the county’s logging past (1880s – 90s); it’s oil days (1930s – present) and even its connection with the notorious Purple Gang from Detroit (1930s) as way to make a couple of bucks to support local history. I have the bumper stickers available at $4.95 each. Proceeds benefit the Harrison and Clare County Chambers of Commerce.  Limited quantities are available (at least until I find out whether these things sell).

If you are interested in purchasing one or more, make checks payable to:
Marty Johnson
37770 Westwood Circle
Apt. 104
Westland, MI 48185

If nothing else, I think they’d make for great stocking stuffers or to cover old worn out bumper stickers.

Oh, and I am also using this post as a way of copywriting my bumper sticker text. Wouldn’t want anyone else to steal it.  I also hope any remaining Purples don’t make me an offer I can’t refuse.


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