Keeping Busy in a Small Clare County Town

So what does one do in a small town in mid-Michigan? Doesn’t it get boring? What do you do when it rains? Or snows? Or is cold? Or windy? Maybe all of the above?

Not sure about others, but for me, Clare County, Michigan never gets boring. A few weekends ago, I did the  following:

  • Clare Railroad Depot

    Clare Railroad Depot

    Stopped by the historic railroad depot in Clare to take a photo of the depot up on support beams awaiting a basement to be poured. I’d watched the depot get moved about 1800 feet from its original location to what was going to be its newBlog2 home.

  • Went to the opening of a juried art show in Clare. The 515 gallery is run by high school students from Clare, Blog1and this show features their work, as well as art work from surrounding high schools in Harrison, Farwell and Gladwin. The gallery was packed and I was impressed with the quality of the artwork I found there. Anyone would be. (BTW, their current exhibit runs until May 17.)
  • Watched Captain America at the Ideal Theater in Clare. Tickets are only $5 at this 1930s-era theater. Ticket prices were recently raised because of the purchase of a digital projector.
  • Went to a fundraiser at Jay’s Sporting Goods north of Clare. This annual event supports Mid Michigan Community College. The wonderful people who own Jay’s sponsors the event each year. More than 800 people attended this time around sampling foods from different Jaysrestaurants in the area and more than $1 million was raised. Dave Rozema, pitcher of the Detroit Tigers in the 1980s was signing autographs. Event attendees also received a free signed and numbered print from local artist Kim Kleinhardt. Kim owns the 515 Gallery.
  • Had a donut and read my emails at Cops and Doughnuts in Clare. This place is getting more and more popular with tourists. There’s even talk of them having their own TV show.
  • Picked up some foodstuff from Steve’s Meat Market in Harrison. Steve’s has great meats at a great price. Even buffalo.
  • Did a bit of metal detecting. Didn’t find anything though. Never seem to, but it’s a fun hobby.
  • Listened to a local history lecture on the oil industry, gangsters and the murder at the Doherty Hotel in 1938 that still captivates people and is the subject of a new book, “Mystery Man” by Robert Knapp.
  • Went to church Sunday morning at Brown Corner’s bandChurch north of Clare. They have a dynamic new pastor and a great music program. If you like contemporary Christian music (or don’t even know what it is, but are not into the traditional organ, choir and dated hymns, give it a try. Very talented and committed Christian musicians.

Now I will admit that the weekend was a bit of an anomaly as there was a lot going on around the community. This week I will be up there and attend a local history tour, attend a fundraising dinner for the Friends of Clare County Parks & Recreation (they are a 501©3 giving grants to community groups), maybe pick up a bluebird house from the Colonville Amish Store, visit a couple of garage sale and maybe an auction, and get an oil change (The Lube Depot in Clare does a great job at a price cheaper than downstate, and they don’t try to sell you extra services).

Oh yes, and have another donut.


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