Farwell Thrift Store Appeals to Even Non-Pickers

Note: Updated October 2017

My little brother Stephen (he’s 60) has been a picker before being a picker was cool and the subject of reality TV. Stephen has spent most of his life scrounging at flea markets, garage sales and secondhand stores, and now, buying and selling on eBay. In fact, I remember him as a kid riding his bike around our neighborhood in Detroit on trash day bringing home things to sell at my mother’s garage sales (she got into it too).

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Entrance to the store

As a result, I think my brother would like the Farwell Thrift Store and Flea Market located at 2595 Cadillac Dr, a few miles west of town and next to Carrow’s Market and near the M-115 and M-10 Interchange.

Even I do and I am not much into picking. My brother hasn’t been there, mainly because he lives in Southern Utah, not far from Zion National Park and while he travels, visiting Farwell or even visiting me in Harrison doesn’t seem to be on his radar. So it goes.

But he’s missing out, especially in regard to Farwell. Even I, a non-picker enjoy walking its aisles. The store has a wide assortment of everything a good thrift shop should have. That includes books, videos, old glassware, farm tools, jewelry, furniture and even a big wooden wagon wheel. They used to have two but I bought one for my living room. (Right now it just sits against the wall and gathers dust. It’s neat though and was priced right.) During the warm weather months, the flea market is in full swing in front of the building as individuals set up to sell their wares.

The owners Paul and Molly are friendly and Molly will usually welcome you with a

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Molly, the store mascot.

“woof.”  Molly is an elderly black lab and it can be a bit disconcerting for first-time visitors to walk in the store and while trying to adjust to the dim surroundings from the bright outdoor light come face to snout with black dog. Regulars though look forward to the greeting, especially since Molly often comes to the door with a squeeze toy in her mouth and her tail wagging. Although of late, Molly has taken to just greeting people from the comfort of a large soft upholstered chair near the cashier where she can keep watch on shoppers coming and going.

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A sampling of items that can be found outside the store by individual sellers (me for instance!).

Prices are reasonable, although my brother would be a better judge of that since I’m still a rank amateur when it comes to second-hand deals. In fact, one nice thing about picking in Clare County is that there are some great deals to be had. I know that for a fact. I am several hundred dollars ahead of the game and I don’t even know how to play! Think what a professional like my brother could do.

Or you, for that matter.

Hours of Operation:
The Farwell Thrift Store and Flea Market is open six days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  (Closed Wednesday). They open at dawn on Mondays during the summer. Call them at (989) 588-4714 or find them on Facebook.

Other Shopping Options:

Garage Sales:
A garage sale–or 50–can be found during the summer in Clare County. Some are advertised in local newspapers, the Clare County Cleaver published every Thursday ($.75/ issue) and Clare County Review, published every Friday (free). Others can be found just by following the signs along the side of the road.  Holiday weekends tend to feature the greatest number of sales, which is understandable since the number of visitors who might be willing to part with their cash is highest then.

Farm Auctions:
There are a number of auctioneers who work sales in the county. Two of the largest are:

1) Sykora Auction Services www.sykoraauctions.com/

2) John Peck Auctions  johnpeckauctions.com/

Resale Shops:
There are a number of secondhand stores in Clare County. Because they seem to open and close on a seasonal basis, your best bet is to conduct a search or just drive the main drag (Old 27) of Harrison (including up to a mile or two north of town) and Clare.


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